How to acquire a German student visa?

German higher education is regarded as being one of the top in the world. The nation is renowned for its reputed educational institutions with wide variety of academic studies bestowing variety of degrees.

Visa Requirements:

* A valid passport
* A confirmation of application or the notice of admission from the university
* Proof of adequate funds for one’s living expenses
* Health insurance coverage.

The students who have been accepted by the German university are advised to file their visa applications prior to three months.

The submitted applications will be sent to the immigration office of the area where he or she intends to study. Following the approval of the immigration office, the consulate will give a residence permit in the form of visa.

A Student approved of a German student visa will have to apply for a residence permit upon arrival in Germany. Students will have to register with the local registration authority following the arrival in Germany on a student visa within the two weeks of arrival in the country. The residence permit is valid for two years and can be renewed depending on the requirement.

Students planning to pursue their studies in Germany for over 90 days have to file their applications for a National visa instead of a Schengen Visa, which would only authorize an individual to reside in the country for three months.


* The APS-certificate has to be applyed for if you live in China, Vietnam or Mongolia!


1) You need the admissionletter from university *
2)You need the admissionletter from Rheinland Privatschule
 3)Blocked account with €8800,- in the Deutsche Bank in Germany
4)Apply for a students visa
 5)You have to visit the A1-C1 courses a a language school to write the DSH or TestDaf Level 4-5 exams
6)You have to pass the language tests
7)Start with your major at a German university
 Reasons to choose the Rheinland Privatschule:
  • -One of the best and biggest language schools in Germany
  • -Five Schools in Germany (Essen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Köln,Dortmund)
  • -Specialized German courses for the bachelor- or master admission
  • -It’s the cheapest school
  • -Support on university applications
  • -It is possible to get a studentcard from the University Duisburg-Essen*

*admission at Duisburg-Essen req.

Reasons to study in Germany:

  • -Low costs for a major on bachelor or master
  • -A high academic standard
  • -A work permit for students
  • -Over 4000 majors on master
  • Over 8000 majors on bachelor
  • Over 300 universities

*The formulary for a visa classification D can be found here: antragsformularnationaldd






47051 Duisburg

Düsseldorfer Straße 29

Tel.: +49/(0)203 73 993 999

Kocaeli / Türkei

Tepecik Mah. Hürriyet Cad.

Belediye Çarşı İş Hanı

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45127 Essen

Viehofer Straße 14

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Antalya / Türkei

Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Olbia Carsisi

Tel.: +90/(0)242 22 75 703

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Westenhellweg 58

Tel.: +49/(0)231 950 889 70

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Tel.: +49/(0)221 258 999 29

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